Wednesday, January 13, 2016

Canon imagePROGRAF iPF8400 Printer Troubleshooting – Cannot Print Over a TCP/IP Network

The Canon imagePROGRAF iPF8400 is built for ultra high quality imaging and exceptional performance and is equipped with an array of professional features. An incredibly large color spectrum is produced by the 12-Color pigment ink set, which also provides better scratch resistance and smoother gradations.

This model prints up to 44” borderless, is equipped with a 250GB hard drive, and a Color Calibration Management System. Color Calibration Management System allows centralized color management of all the x400 series printers on the network, remotely monitor and execute color calibrations for printers, determine the media type loaded in each printer, and read accounting information from each unit as well.

These printers are perfect for large format graphic and Fine Art Prints. In the highest print mode, the ink application is optimized to maintain the best print quality with fewer print head passes, making this print mode twice as fast as previous models. The addition of a 250 GB hard drive increases productivity, by processing print jobs faster and allowing you to reprint jobs directly from the printer itself 

Since most of the time, you will be printing the graphic from your computer or from a central console, it is important that the TCP/IP network is working properly. When having issue printing over a TCP/IP network, below are some of the possible causes:

1. The printer’s IP address is not configured correctly
2. The printer’s TCP/IP network settings are not configured correctly
3. The computer itself is not configured correctly

Below are the steps showing how to configure the printer’s IP address using the printer control panel:

1. On the Tab Selection screen on the Control Panel, press or to select the Settings/Adj. tab

2. Press the OK button to prompt the Set./Adj. Menu
3. Press or to select the Interface Setup, press OK
4. Press or to select TCP/IP, press OK
5. Press or to select IPv4, press OK
6. Press or to select IPv4 Settings, press OK
7. Press or to select IP Address, press OK
8. After you press or to select the input field, press é or ê button to enter the value
9. Repeat step 8 to complete the settings then press OK
10. Press the Menu button to prompt the confirmation message, press é or ê to select Yes then press OK

Below are the steps showing how to configure the printer’s TCP/IP network settings:

1. Start the web browser and enter the following URL in the Location/Address box to display the RemoteUI page.
http://printer IP address or name/

2. Select Administrator Mode and click Logon
3. If needed, enter the password
4. Click Network in the Device Manager menu at left to display the Network page
5. Click Edit in the upper-right corner of the TCP/IPv4 group to display the Edit TCP/IP Protocol Settings page
6. Refer to the TCP/IP Settings Items table to complete the settings
7. Press OK to display the Network page
8. If using an IPv6 IP, on step 5, select TCP/IPv6 group instead to complete the steps

If you need more assistance, please email us at and our customer service team will respond as soon as possible.

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Compatible printer model:
Canon imagePROGRAF iPF8300
Canon imagePROGRAF iPF8300S
Canon imagePROGRAF iPF8400
Canon imagePROGRAF iPF8400S
Canon imagePROGRAF iPF9400
Canon imagePROGRAF iPF9400S

Wednesday, December 16, 2015

Canon Laser ImageRunner C2550 Series Light Prints Issue

Light print occurs when the colors on the print produced by your printer are not dark as you expected. Light print is also a common issue when it comes to print quality problem. We want to offer a few methods to fix the light printing issue for the following Cannon printers:

·      Canon ImageRunner C2550
·      Canon ImageRunner C2880
·      Canon ImageRunner C2880i
·      Canon ImageRunner C3080
·      Canon ImageRunner C3080i
·      Canon ImageRunner C3380
·      Canon ImageRunner C3380i
·      Canon ImageRunner C3480
·      Canon ImageRunner C3480i

1. Adjust the toner density. There are a total of 17 density levels for each color ranging from -8 to +8, level 0 being the default setting. Press (Dark) or (Light) to adjust to your desired toner density.

2. Change the “Toner Save” setting to (Off) in the printer driver then try to print the page again.

3. Perform an Automatic Gradation Adjustment. Both “Quick Adjustment” and “Full Adjustment” check on the gradation, density, and color settings of the machine. The “Full Adjustment” option also runs test pages while the  “Quick Adjustment” option omits the final testing step.

For Quick Adjustment –
1. Press the round home button
2. Go to (Adjustment/Maintenance)
3. Go to (Adjust Image Quality)
4. Go to (Auto Adjust Gradation)
5. Select the paper type then press (Quick Adjust)
6. Press (OK)

For Full Adjustment –
1. Press the round home button
2. Go to (Adjustment/Maintenance)
3. Go to (Adjust Image Quality)
4. Go to (Auto Adjust Gradation)
5. Select the paper type then press (Full Adjust)
6. Press (OK)
7. Press (Start Printing)
8. Please the first test page on the platen glass then press (Start Scan)

9. Remove the first test page on the platen glass then press (Start Printing)
10. Repeat for the second, third, and forth test pages


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Wednesday, December 9, 2015

Toner Spot Now Accepts Amazon Payments

We are very excited to introduce Amazon Payments as an additional payment option for as an added measure of security and convenience for our customer. Amazon Payments is an electronic payment service that allows customers to pay for purchases at Toner Spot by using their account. Amazon customers simply store their credit card and shipping information in their Amazon Payments account and then can checkout without having to enter payment information again at check out.

There are several benefits to choose to pay with Amazon Payments if you are already an customer:

·      Fast and more convenient checkout: by integrating with one-click check out technology, you can simply select the information you stored with without having to re-enter the shipping or billing address at the checkout page.

·      Added security: by using Amazon Payments, you do not have to provide additional credit card information to our website. We will not see any information that you have stored on your Amazon account other than the shipping address that you want the items to be sent to.

·      Amazon A-Z Guarantee: Amazon provides their famous A-Z purchase guarantee to any purchases made with Amazon Payments at no additional cost. This one, in addition to our warranties, you will receive additional assurance from Amazon that your purchase is secure and you will receive what you paid for.

Amazon Payment Instruction

We did our best in trying to integrate Amazon Payments into our system as seamless as possible while also tried to make the usage simple and intuitive.

1. Once you have selected what you wanted to purchase, you will be taken to a one page check-out page.

2. On the bottom right of the page, instead of inputting your information, you can simply select the icon for “Pay with Amazon” on the bottom right hand corner as indicated from the picture below.

3. A prompt window will pop up and ask you to input your Amazon account log-in and password. Simply log into your Amazon account on the pop-up window as you normally would when making a purchase from Amazon.

4. You will be taken to a confirmation page where a list of shipping addresses that you previously store on Amazon will show on the top right hand side and you can simply select the desired shipping address for your purchase to be delivered.

5. After you confirm the shipping address, select the desired shipping service (free shipping, regular shipping, or expedited shipping), a total amount will be calculated.

6. On the bottom of the same page, you can choose which account you would like this order to be charged to. Please keep in mind that we will not see your billing address or your credit information.

7. Select “Place Order” and your order will be processed quickly and securely with all your billing information invisible to our system.

Amazon Payments is one more way that our family here at Toner Spot put in place to insure our customers have excellent experiences when purchasing from us at We promise quick delivery, reliable products, and highest level of customer service. We hope you will feel secure and comfortable when purchasing from our family.

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Please also feel free to contact us at if you have any questions or if we can be of any assistance.

Tuesday, December 1, 2015

How to Read the Meter on Xerox Phaser 7100 Printer?

The meter function for the Xerox Phaser 7100 printer tells the user how many prints the printer has processed since the start and since the last service. The meter function can also help the user to evaluate how much does it cost to print a page.

Below are instructions on how to view the meter information from the control panel:

1. Press the “Menu” button on the Control Panel

2. Use the “Up” or “Down” arrow to “Meter Reading” and press “OK”

3. Use the arrow button again to navigate to “Current Meter” and press “OK”

4. Use the arrow button to view the impression counts, including “Total Color,” “Total Black,” and “Total”

5. Press the “Menu” button to return

If you are trying to view the meter information using CentreWare Internet Services (CWIS), below are the instructions:

1. Open CWIS

2. Select “Status”

3. Select “Billing and Counters” on the left side of the page

4. Select “Billing Information” or select” Usage Counters” to view the details

The true cost of each print may surprise you when you check the meter function for your Xerox Phaser 7100. If you’re looking for an alternative, a cheaper way to print without worrying about print quality issues, at Toner Spot, we provide premium grade alternative printing supplies and we carry 100% Satisfaction Guarantee with warranty up to one whole year.

Compatible with Xerox Phaser 7100, Xerox Phaser 7100DN, and Xerox Phaser 7100N printer models.

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Thursday, November 12, 2015

Xerox WorkCentre 3315/3315DN Printer Troubleshooting for Fax

The Xerox WorkCentre 3315 series printer is a multi-functional unit designed to print, copy, scan, and fax. The printer is a great choice for small and medium size businesses.

Users need to set up the fax in order for the machine to work properly. However, if by some reasons the fax function is unavailable, users can check on the possible causes below to fix the issue:

1. Make sure the fax is connected to an operational telephone line

2. Make sure the fax settings are configured correctly.

Users can check the setting by following the below steps:

1. Press the “Machine Status” button

2. Press the “Up/Down” arrow buttons to “Fax Setup” then press “OK”

3. Press the “Up/Down” arrow buttons to “Enable” then press “OK”

4. Check and see if fax settings have been configured correctly. The “1/3 Fax Phone Num.” screen should appear

5. Enter the correct fax number then press “OK” then the “2/3 Fax ID” screen should appear

6. Enter the correct name for the fax then press “OK” then the “Select Country” screen should appear

7. Select the country then press “OK” then the “Rebooting Machine” screen should appear to prompt the rebooting process

8. The “Saved” screen should appear and return to the “Fax Setup” menu

Once the fax has been set up correctly, users will find this sturdy machine to be a good fit for small to medium usage offices and home office environments. To save even more on printing expenses, please refer to Toner Spot website for high quality re-manufactured cartridges using 10% off coupon code SAVE10 upon checkout.

Other inquiries please email