Monday, March 7, 2011

Some Interesting Innovative Products...What's Next?

There are millions of new product ideas each year. The speed of new product developments or idea generations has been growing faster than ever. This phenomenon can be attributed to advanced technology that makes physical and informational transmissions happen in less and less time.

The following are some of the innovative products that can be implemented mostly in a home/office setting. Let's see if any of these new "things" surprise you!

1. Ecotypic Bed by Arthur Xin

Futuristic-looking bed with a green concept in mind. You can grow plants underneath the bed. As time passes by, the plants, especially vines will gradually climb through the edges, making you feel like sleeping in a garden.

And don't worry about the carbon dioxide emitted by the plant at night. This bed comes with LED light that shines gently at night, making the plants continue to disburse fresh oxygen while you're soundly asleep.

Ecotypic Bed also comes with radio and battery charging system. While using the sport equipment attaches to the bed, you're not only working out the fat, but also generate man-power energy for this amazing bed!

2. Interactive Liquid Floor Tiles

These mostly PVC-made tiles come with a hollow center, where colored liquid and decorative materials can be inserted in the middle. The color presentation varies depending on how heavy and where the weights are applied.

The idea was out few years ago but the use was mostly limited to entertainment-related public space such as clubs and restaurants. However, liquid floor tiles gradually gained its acceptance and started to appear more often in office spaces and modern homes.

Not a bad idea adding that little bit of "zen" by placing the below liquid floor at home, maybe by the balcony -

3. Airport Compass Boarding Pass

Ever feel lost in a foreign airport? Well, with the help of this GPS-like boarding pass, travelers will never be running around trying to find their terminals again.

This boarding pass also provides travelers information such as destination weather condition and popular tourist spots updates. What a thoughtful design!

4. Soy-Based Toner Cartridges

Edible toner!?

No no no, soy-based toner cartridges generally describe toners with a good percentage of materials made from soy beans. This is a more environmentally friendly version of regular printer toner cartridges. Its bio-degradable property is good for most of the recycling facilities. What's even better? It makes some post-consumption paper more recycle desirable. The reason is that the once petroleum based ink residue has switched to soy bean oil based residue.

Toner-Spot is currently working on empty toner cartridges recycling program. We believe in quality remanufactured toner cartridges especially it helps conserving energy used in manufacturing brand new toners.

Meanwhile, we are also researching on a more cost efficient program for our customers who prefer soy-bean based products. Together, we can make this environment a better place to live with a little bit help of these innovative product ideas!

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