Tuesday, October 11, 2011

How to Eliminate Unwanted Light Stripes for Xerox Phaser Printers

It is not a frequent issue, but what should you do when your Xerox Phaser series printer produces unwanted light strips like the following images:

Example 1 –

Example 2 – 

You can also run a test page. If the printing result resembles the one below, then for certain a light strips issue is present –  

The cause for these types of printing errors, sometimes faded strips or wrong colored stripes, are usually due to dirty print head or debris found in paper exit area. Xerox already programmed automatic print head cleaning steps that can be found on printer’s main panel.
  • Scroll down to "Troubleshooting" menu
  • Select "Print Diagnostic Pages"
  • Select "Eliminate Light Stripes" 

For certain types of Phaser printers, there might be a slight change in troubleshooting descriptions:
  • Scroll to "Support" menu
  • Select "Improve Print Quality"
  • Select "Print Diagnostic Pages"
  • Select "Eliminate Light Stripes"

You might need to repeat the steps a few times in order for the stripes to disappear completely. However, if the issue remains after three attempts, we suggest you to turn off the printer for at least four hours or overnight then repeat the steps again. It allows the ink to solidify by turning the printer off.

Another method is to clean both the paper exit area and the maintenance drawer wiper blades. Open the exit cover and thoroughly inspect the paper exit area. Gently remove any debris or dust preferably with a lint free cloth.

For some models, there is also a green guide under the exit cover. Use the cloth to gently wipe the white plastic paper release blade then close the cover. Same cleaning steps can also be performed for the wiper blade inside the right panel.

Print out the test page again and image should resembles the one below when the light stripes issue has been solved –  

Remember to set the printer back to normal operation by scrolling to “Exit” then “Select.”  If none of the above steps work, service might be required to fix the issue.  

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  1. No troubleshooting menu found on model 6128 MFP. Only a maintenance option? No light stripe reference.

    1. Dear Eric,

      You can give below option a try. If it doesn't work, you might need to replace the toner/s in order to fix the printing issue:


      Hope this helps!

      Toner Spot Customer Service Team

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