Thursday, February 9, 2012

Brother MFC-9840 Reset Instruction

One of our local clients asked us the other day: “How come my Brother MFC-9840 printer refuses to print when the toner still seems to have some ink left?” “Is there any way to make the printer work, or to make the printer think there is still ink inside?”

Besides the common “tape over the hole” method mentioned during earlier blog post, we suggested another resetting method to the client. It worked to perfection! We have decided to share the troubleshooting steps with you and hopefully save one little headache at a time:

1. Open the front cover.

2. Press the “Clear/Back” button to get to the “Reset Menu”

3. Scroll through the reset options for toner that needs to be modified:

B.TNR-S – Brother TN-110 black toner cartridge
    B.TNR-H – Brother TN-115 black toner cartridge
    C.TNR-S – Brother TN-110 cyan toner cartridge
    C.TNR-H – Brother TN-115 cyan toner cartridge
    M.TNR-S – Brother TN-110 magenta toner cartridge
    M.TNR-H – Brother TN-115 magenta toner cartridge
    Y.TNR-S – Brother TN-110 yellow toner cartridge
    Y.TNR-H – Brother TN-115 yellow toner cartridge

Brother MFC-9840 can be used with two toner models, TN-110 series and TN-115 series. TN-110 series are smaller toners with lower page yield and TN-115 series are larger toners with higher page yield. Please note that for multiple unit reset, you can only select one toner at a time and repeat the steps for the remaining unit/s.

4. Press “OK” for the cartridge selected             

5. Press “1” to reset

6. Press “Clear/Back” to exit the menu

7. Close the front cover

These steps should do the trick. If the printer no longer shows remaining ink level during each print job, you can still tell when the printed documents start to have slightly fading color or printing quality began to deteriorate. In most cases, you should get at least a couple more hundred pages after resetting the toner units before you have to actually replace the cartridges.

Our Compatible Brother toners are manufactured under ISO-9001 standards with comparable or often offer even better page yield compared to their OEM counterparts. Below are the links for our Compatible Brother Toner Sets for the MFC-9840 model, hopefully save even more bucks for your business:

Duty Cycle:

5,000 pages at 5% coverage per page for the black toner unit.
4,000 pages at 5% coverage per page for the cyan, yellow, and magenta toner units.

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