Thursday, September 20, 2012

Okidata C9300/C9500 Printing Issue – Dirty Background

There are numerous functional parts within a printer. Just like toners and drums, most of these not-so-familiar pieces need to replace over a period of time.

We all have experiences where the print quality isn’t up to par. Let it be streaking lines on the sides, undefined edges, or dirty/non-white background, these types of problems usually can be solved by replacing the toner or drum cartridges. However, occasionally it’s not the toner or drum that needs to be changed.

If you are experiencing dirty background issue similar to the image shown below, here is the step by step solution that might be helpful in fixing the problem for your Okidata C9300 or C9500 printers.  

1. Check and see if the image drum has been exposed to light for a period of time. If so, replace the I/D unit.

2. Check and see if the roller in the fuser is dirty. If so, replace the fuser unit.

3. Make sure the paper thickness setting is correct: Light: 64 g/m², Medium Light 64 to 74 g/m², Medium 75 to 90 g/m², Medium Heavy 91 to 104 g/m², Heavy 105 to 120 g/m², Ultra Heavy 121 to 203 g/m² Transparency.

4. Make sure the LED head assembly is properly connected to the connection board.

5. Make sure the +5V output correctly pins between the connection board and the LED head assembly. If not then replace the connection board accordingly.

6. Check the cable connections and replace the low-voltage power unit if necessary.

7. If the 34V output to the power connector pin 2 is not on the engine board (+34V: Pin 12, 13, 14), replace the engine board accordingly.

8. Replace the high-voltage power unit or belt cassette assembly if necessary.

9. Make sure the I/D unit terminal is properly connected to the contact assembly.

10. Replace the image drum if all the above steps do not result in normal printing quality.

The above methods are recommended to perform with professional technicians. Please contact printer support or email us if you have further inquiries.

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