Wednesday, November 21, 2012

Toner Spot - Fun Thanksgiving Facts

1. The bird “turkey” is actually named after the country “Turkey.” In fact, turkey also has other country related names around the world. The bird is called peru in Portuguese and it’s called French birds in the country Greece. 

2. The very first Thanksgiving was celebrated by the Plymouth pilgrims at Plymouth, Massachusetts and the celebration lasted for 3 days. 

3. Benjamin Franklin wanted to use turkey as the national bird of the United States instead of the bald eagle.

4. The Presidential Pardon – The National Turkey Federation has been presenting a live turkey and two dressed turkeys to the President since 1947. The President will pardon the turkey at a White House ceremony. This lucky turkey will enjoy the rest of its days on a historical farm. This even can actually be seen live on TV on the day of Thanksgiving. 

5. Unlike the farm raised turkeys that are more commonly seen in the states, a wild turkey is in fact very strong and agile. Wild turkey can run up to 25 mph and even fly up to 55 mph.

6. Turkey can change colors! The color of turkey head can be red, pink, white, gray, and even blue depending on their mood. 

7. The average American eats about 16~18 pounds of turkey each year, and Californians are the largest consumers of turkey in the U.S.

8. Only male turkeys gobble.

Happy Thanksgiving!

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