Saturday, December 22, 2012

Toner Spot – Fun Christmas Facts

Happy Holidays!!  

Here’s something that you might not know about Christmas:

1. The estimated number of Christmas trees cut down each year is between 33 million and 36 million. However, in the United States, 2 to 3 seeds are planted for every Christmas tree chopped.

2. There are a total of 364 gifts if adding up all the presents in the Twelve Days of Christmas.

3. Ever heard of the song Rudolph the Red Nosed Reindeer? Well, Norwegian scientists said that the red nose can possibly caused by the parasitic infection in reindeer’s respiratory system (Highfield, 1998). 

4. The tallest Christmas tree ever cut was a 221 feet Douglas fir back in 1950. The tree was displayed at the Northgate Shopping Center in Seattle, Washington (Guinness Book of World Records, 2008).

5. It usually takes about 15 years before a tree to grow to a size big enough as the common Christmas trees we see today.

6. Spiders or spider webs are two of the common Christmas tree decorations in Poland. Polish consider spider as a symbol of prosperity and good things at Christmas (Gulevich, 2000). 

7. Christmas sales make up approximately 1/6 or more of all retail sales in the United States.

8. The song “Jingle Bells” was actually written for Thanksgiving instead of Christmas in 1857.

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