Monday, November 18, 2013

Tips on How to Get Email Messages Straight to Inbox Instead of Spam Folder

Email newsletter is one of the most common marketing activities being used today. It not only increases the exposure of the company, but also provides information regarding promotions and discounts. However, all the efforts are going to waste if the email got automatically sorted to the junk mail, or spam folder without even having the chance of being read by the target market. To avoid such wasted opportunity, here are a few tips on how to get email messages straight to the inbox of your intended recipients instead of into their spam folder:

1. Do not shout at your target market, meaning avoid using all CAPS in emails and exclamation marks. 


2. Avoid using words like “free, help, percent off, and reminder.” Studies conducted by MailChimp, an email marketing service provider, conclude that these words have higher chances on triggering the spam filters. In addition, they also result in some of the lowest open rates for the messages sent.

3. Avoid using repeating subject lines.

4. Localization is better than personalization. Including recipients’ local cities proven to have a higher email reading rates compared to using their first names.

5. Shorter subject line, preferably within 50 letters length.

6. Test the email newsletter before blasting them out. This way you can see how the message will be viewed, check and see if the links are working properly, also making sure there aren’t any broken HTML codes.

Final tip is to put yourself in the recipient’s shoes. Imagine if you see the email message in the mail box, are you going to open it? Or are you going to trash it? Think about it and good luck on your email campaigns.

One departing note on engaging your customers via email, always remember not to send pointless emails to people that do not want them. Always include a unsubscribe link in your emails and think about how the emails will affect or benefit your customers.

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