Wednesday, December 11, 2013

What are the Differences between a Dye Ink and a Pigment Ink?

Most printers are designed to use specific type of inks that are either dye based or pigment based. Users can simply follow manufacturers’ instructions and purchase the designated cartridges. However, sometimes there is more than one type of inks for the printer. The dye based and the pigment based variations are confusing enough, not to mention that there are other types such as oil and soy based ink cartridges. So which one should you use?

Generally speaking, the dye based and the pigment based ink cartridges are the most common for home and small business office users. Below is a list of pros and cons regarding the two difference based models:

Dye based - Pros
-          Vibrant color
-          Cheaper than pigment based cartridges

Dye based – Cons
-          Water soluble
-          Lower resistance to light and UV rays

Pigment based – Pros
-          Bonds better on selected medium
-          Better resistance when exposed to light

Pigment based – Cons
-          Slightly more expensive than dye based cartridges
-          Less contrast in colors

Generally speaking, pigment based cartridges is ideal when the chosen printing material come with slicker surface, such as materials that require the transparencies setting. In addition, for documents that can be exposed to light or sunlight over a period of time, pigment based is the better choice. If you are looking for vibrant color for photos and intend to keep them indoors,  then dye based cartridges is the way to go. In addition, dye based black cartridges produces slightly darker prints compared to pigment, which is ideal when printing text documents.

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