Monday, January 13, 2014

Mimaki JV33 and JV5 Not Printing Correctly? Try These Maintenance and Manual Cleaning Methods

Since we have recently introduced compatible, high quality Mimaki ink cartridges at, we feel compelled to start a series of blogs on how to properly maintain these high performance Mimaki large-format printers. 

The ink cartridges used in Mimaki JV33 and Mimaki JV5 printers are different than the regular printer inks. The two ink models are ES3 and SS21 solvent inks, which are mostly made with oil based liquids. This type of ink has better resistance of deterioration and ultraviolet radiation. As a result, solvent ink is mainly used in commercial printing materials such as outdoor banners and signage.

The printer maintenance is crucial for any printer, and especially for such these printers that specialized in high quality and precision printing. Preset maintenance procedures can be performed by clinking on the “function” key then select “maintenance” on the printer panel. There is also automatic cleaning function that can be accessed by clicking on the “cleaning” button then select the type of cleaning needed.

Sometimes the printer does require manual cleaning of the capping station and the wiper due to the pigments building up around these areas. One way to clean the capping station is by dipping the cleaning swab in the cleaning solution. Use the swab to gently clean both areas and make sure to move in one direction only instead of wiping back and forth.

Wiper cleaning is especially important because it collects excess inks from the nozzle plate and gelled ink might present.

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