Tuesday, February 4, 2014

How to Replace Konica Minolta 4750 Printer Transfer Roller and Transfer Belt?

The Konica Minolta 4750, 4750DN, and 4750EN printer models are designed for small to medium usage home and office environments. This nearly 60 pounds machine comes with several consumable parts that need to be replaced regularly in order to achieve maximum output. The four toner cartridges and the drum are familiar to most users. However, the transfer roller and the transfer belt also need to be replaced over a longer period of time.

Steps by step instruction on how to replace Konica Minolta 4750 Series transfer roller:

The printer will show “TRANS. ROLLER/END OF LIFE” when the roller needs to be replaced. There is no urgent need to change the part since the printer can still function with an old transfer roller. However, the printer quality will deteriorate overtime and the transfer roller will eventually need to be replaced.

1. On the right side of the printer, pull up the lever to open the right side cover

2. Press the levers on both sides then remove the transfer roller

3. Have the new transfer roller ready. Press the levers on both sides again and insert the new unit into the bearings

4. Move the levers away toward the printer side until the unit snaps into place

5. Close the right side cover

6. Reset the counter by going to the “MAINTENANCE MENU/SUPPLIES/REPLACE/TRANS. ROLLER” menu

Steps by step instruction on how to replace Konica Minolta 4750 Series transfer belt:

The transfer belt is just like the transfer roller, in which it doesn’t have to be replaced immediately when the printer shows “TRANS. BELT/END OF LIFE.” However, the printer quality will reduced over time.

1. Turn off the printer and disconnect the power cord

2. Open the front cover

3. Pull out all the toner cartridges, drum units, and waste toner bottle. Make sure not to tilt them or excess shaking the units

 4. Pull up the lever on the right side of the printer to open the cover

5. Insert the protective sheet into the printer until it stops

6. Push down the guides

7. Hold the handles on both sides then carefully pull out the transfer belt. To prevent scratching, make sure not to tilt the transfer belt

 8. Remove the two small protective covers from both sides of the new transfer belt

9. Insert the new unit back to the printer until it locks into place. Make sure not to scratch the belt surface in any way

10. Push up the guides

11. Pull out the protective sheet

12. Close the right side cover

13. Reinstall all the toner cartridges, drum units, and waste bottle back to the printer

14. Close the front cover

15. Plug in the power cord and turn on the printer

16. Reset the counter in the “MAINTENANCE MENU/SUPPLIES/REPLACE/TRANS. BELT” menu

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