Tuesday, March 11, 2014

How to Run the Cleaning Cycle for HP LaserJet P4015 and P4515 Series Printers?

Running the cleaning cycle on a regular basis helps the printer to work properly and produce quality prints. It can also keep the printer heads from clogging and remove any residual toner left in the printer that built up over time during normal usage, which are the main reasons causing dirty prints or smearing toner spots on the paper.

Quick clean page instruction for HP LaserJet P4015 and P4515 series printers:

1. Press the “menu” button on the printer’s control panel

2. Press the down arrow to select “Configure Device” and press OK

3. Press the down arrow to select “Print Quality” and press OK

4. Press the down arrow to select “Create Cleaning Page” or “Process Cleaning Page” and press ok

5. When prompted, load regular printing paper (not heavy stock, bond, or irregular texture material) and press OK

The cleaning process will appear on the printer control panel display and the entire cycle usually takes a few minutes to complete. The printer will automatically print out a testing page once the cleaning cycle is completed.

The cleaning cycle can be conducted a few more times if there is any residual toner left inside the printer and the cleaning page does not appear to be entirely clean. In addition, make sure to print out a few more testing pages to see if the previous toner specks, streaks, or repeating marks have disappeared.

Users must be aware that sometimes poor printing quality such as spots and smears cannot be resolved by simply replacing the toner cartridge. It is the excess toners or dust particles accumulated inside the printer that need to be cleaned throughout the paper route to ensure quality prints.

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Works for HP LaserJet P4014DN, P4014N, P4015DN, P4015N, P4015TN, P4015X, P4515N, P4515TN, and P4515X models. 10,000 page yield at 5% coverage.

Works for HP LaserJet P4015DN, P4015N, P4015TN, P4015X, P4515N, P4515TN, and P4515X models. 24,000 page yield at 5% coverage.


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  2. Thank you. This worked great for me!

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  3. It actually seems to help if you have an empty ink cartridge as well, but it only works for a few pages before fading again. Still, it is a good temporary solution while you wait for the new ink to arrive

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