Wednesday, June 4, 2014

How to Fix the Slow Printing Speed for Ricoh Printers?

Slow printing speed can generally be contributed to common reasons such as large file size, large amount of images, and their complexity. Two quick and easy ways to boost up the Ricoh print speed can be achieved by segmenting one large print file into a few smaller files, or installing additional memory if the unit is lack of sufficient space for the operation.

One other lesser known method is by switching off the “collate” function on Ricoh printer. Please note that if printing requires the collate function to be on, you can simply switch off the function within the application but keep it on still at the printer driver.

Steps to switch off the collate function:

1. Go to “File” then click “Print” on the dropdown menu

2. Click on the “Properties” button to access the printer driver
3. Click on the “Print Quality” tab
4. Under “Graphics Mode,” select “Raster”
5. Click on the “Setup” tab
6. There is an “Orientation” option on the right, clear/deselect the “Rotate” option below
7. Under the “Collate” pull-down menu, click and select “Off”

8. Click “OK” to exit from the printer driver menu

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