Tuesday, November 4, 2014

3D Printing Supplies Now Available at Toner Spot

Did you know that 3D printing was invented back in 1984? The process had a different name called stereo-lithography. The terms 3D printing or additive manufacturing were gradually known by the public in early 2010s.

Up until now, the 3D printing technologies has been widely use in various industries such as architecture, fashion, and dental. Even the home/office versions for individual users are also available in the market with affordable price points. There are many ways to utilize the 3D printing technology:

One purpose is to create a more economical model for medical and construction industries –

Or simply for decorative purposes –

 A more delicate application is 3D printing generated implant for medical use, like the titanium lower jaw transplanted to a patient in Netherland back in 2012 –

3D printing technology can also be used for environmental purposes. The specialized printer creates coral shaped structures with material similar to sandstone, which helps the coral polyps to colonize and regenerate damaged reefs.

Here at Toner Spot, we strive to provide our customers the most up to date printing materials at an affordable price. And we are happy to announce that some of the popular 3D printing materials ABS filaments and PLA filaments for smaller scale machines are now available upon request at sales@toner-spot.com.

Simply send us an email and our customer service representative will reply within 24 business hours. Most of our ABS and PLA filaments such as model N3D-ABS and N3D-PLA can be shipped out within one business day. Save more with free shipping when orders exceed $75.

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