Monday, December 22, 2014

Canon PIXMA Pro 9500 Mark II Printer Won’t Print, Help!

Our customer support team received a help request earlier this week for a Canon PIXMA Pro 9500 Mark II Printer user. The lady was frustrated because her newly purchased compatible Canon PGI-9 ink cartridges from a random website were not printing at all. Unable to reach the seller, the lady found our troubleshooting blog online and decided to ask for help.

The technician emailed the lady with below instructions that might help her remedy the situation, at least get the machine to print so she can work on urgent projects without having to wait for a resolution. The instruction also works well if you are having print quality issues and want to improve the quality on your prints. Below are the troubleshooting instructions:

First, we need to confirm the status of the ink cartridges to make sure it’s installed and seated correctly:

Open the printer driver setup window
1. Click “View Printer Status” on the Maintenance sheet
2. Select “Ink Details” menu to confirm the ink tank information
3. See if all the inks inside are recognized as properly installed

It is also important to check the computer settings and the drivers:

Maintaining the Ink Quality
This printer automatically mixes the ink at fixed intervals to keep the ink density even.

The procedure for executing ink quality maintenance manually is described below:
1. Open the printer driver setup window
2. Click “Ink Quality Maintenance” on the Maintenance tab
3. Click OK when a message appears

This will force the printer to mix the inks and thus tell the ink cartridges to spit out ink if your printer accepts the cartridges but no ink is coming out. Also, regularly maintaining the ink quality will improve the colors of your prints.

If the cartridges are accepted but no inks are coming out, also try to power the printer off and wait for a few minutes before turning it back on again. This will force the printer to recalibrate the ink cartridges installed and reseat the cartridges. Additionally, installing the latest version of the driver can also help with chip recognition.

The lady was satisfied with the assistance and able to print out the urgent files. Our customer service team was very happy with the outcome.

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