Monday, February 23, 2015

Troubleshooting for Sharp AL-1631 AL-1641CS Laser Copier Print Streaky or Blotchy Issue

Everyone probably have encountered some type of printing issue and the most common printer issues are paper jam, streaky prints, and blotchy prints. However, do you know that sometimes bad print quality is not always caused by toner, drum, or other printer parts? Before you rush to spend money to change out a perfectly working part, some standard maintenance and cleaning may very well solve the print quality issue at hand. The printer and parts maintenance are equally important as using good quality OEM/remanufactured cartridges to achieve clean prints every time.

As for Sharp AL-1631 and AL-1641CS laser copier models, if the cartridges are in good condition but still producing dirty prints, try below instruction on how to clean the transfer charger:

1. Switch off the power

2. Make sure that the multi-purpose tray is open. Press the side cover open button to open the side cover

3. Take the charger cleaner out by holding the tab

4. Move the charger cleaner to the right then gently slide it to the left end then remove it. Repeat this step two to three times

5. Return the charger cleaner to its original position. Close the side-cover by pressing the round projections near the side cover open button

6. Turn the power switch back on

Print out a testing page and see if streaky or blotchy issue has been fixed. You may want to repeat the simple cleaning technique a few times to achieve optimal results.