Thursday, April 16, 2015

How to Reset the Counter for Brother DR420?

Brother DR420 drum unit is the standard drum for many Brother MFC and HL printers. The counter needs to be reset every time when the drum cartridge has been changed, especially when the printer couldn’t recognize the new drum being installed.

Below is the instruction on how to reset the counter for Brother DR420:

1. Open the front cover when the printer is still on

2. Press the “Clear” button on the control panel

3. Press “1” or the “Up Arrow” depend on the printer model

4. The screen should display a message indicating the new drum has been accepted

5. Close the front cover and restart the printer

If using HL series printer model:

1. Open the front cover when the printer is still on

2. Press and hold the “Go” button till the LED light indicators are all lit up

3. Release the button so the printer can initiate the resetting procedure

4. Wait till the printer returns to its standby mode then close the front cover

5. Restart the printer

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