Wednesday, July 15, 2015

Business Money Saving Tips – Save Money by Going Green

As the old saying goes, a dollar saved is a dollar gained – This is especially true when you can better spend the money that you saved into investments that can help grow your business. Although saving money can be tricky when running a business, trimming overhead sometimes is not only a matter of making more profits, it might be the key to your business’s survival. 

 We have compiled a short list of items that not only can help lower overhead costs but can also help the environment by reducing unnecessary consumption.

1. Paperless or doubled sided printing method

This is a must in this day and age with the increase use in tablets and cloud computing. Not only can saving on materials save you money directly, this can also be a time saver, which in turn saves you more money. 

When you do have to have hard copies, consider looking into having regularly used forms printed and on-hand as opposed to photocopying them, as this can be a less expensive route. You may also want to consider upgrading your printer to the ones that allow double sided printing, which can save you considerable amount of paper every year.

2. Buy recycled printer cartridges

Recycling not only saves you money but it is also good for the environment. Printing ink and toner cartridges can sometime be one of the main costs for businesses. Buying recycled or remanufactured printing supplies can often times save you up to 70% of your ordinary printing costs. You can also stop that plastic cartridge from being one of the 350 million printer cartridges already in our landfills.

 3. Buy used office furniture and equipment

Although it is tempting to purchase new and shiny items in your office, it is much more prudent and environmentally friendly to purchase used office furniture and equipments that are in good condition. Look around the internet or contact local office equipment supplier and you might be surprised how much money can be saved with used or reconditioned office furniture and equipment. 

4. Reduce office energy consumption or go solar

You may be surprised how much money you can save through simple moves such as changing to the right light bulbs or keeping the equipment on a power strip and turning the power strip off when not in use. Since the object of many environmentally friendly changes is to save energy, and you have to pay for the energy your business uses; that means if energy consumption can be reduced, you will also be cutting down costs.

There are also many solar programs out there that require very little up-front cost through leasing or financing that will dramatically reduce or eliminate your electric bill. Consider contacting your local solar equipment providers for more details on how going solar can save you money.

 We hope you find the article above to be helpful and we welcome any comments or additional ideas that we should add to our list. Toner Spot is a remanufactured printer cartridge provider and we can help in reducing your business costs through high quality remanufactured printer cartridges. We offer One year manufacturer’s warranty on all purchases made through Thank you again for reading!

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