Monday, July 6, 2015

Kyocera Mita FS-C5400DN / TK572 Print Quality Issues and Solutions

Print quality problems are not only caused by consumable parts, other factors such as mis-installation and un-cleaned printer parts often contribute to poor quality prints. We have gathered a few print quality issues and common solutions for the Kyocera Mita FS-C5400DN printer. We hope that these do-it-yourself solutions can help you resolve the print quality issues.

Dropouts dots or vertical streaks

Clean the drum –
1. Under the mode selection menu, press [▲] or [▼] to select “Adjust/Maint..”
2. Press [OK]
3. Press [▲] or [▼] to select “Service Setting”
4. Press [OK]
5. Press [▲] or [▼] to select “Drum”
6. Press [OK] to prompt the cleaning confirmation message
7. Press [Yes]

Clean the LSU –
1. In the Service Setting menu, press [▲] or [▼] to select “LSU”
2. Press [OK] to prompt the confirmation screen
3. Press [Yes]

Grey background

This issue can happen after the initial set up of the printer or when the machine has been physically moved. Switch the printer off, wait for few minutes, and turn the machine back on. This procedure will prompt the printer to conduct color calibration. Check if the issue has been corrected, otherwise, try to conduct the color calibration from the operation panel. However, the manual color calibration steps from the control panel are more complex and can affect the printer settings. We recommend contacting a technician or emailing us at for direct assistance.

Dirty Edge

Pull out the paper transfer unit. Clean the paper ramp using a soft, dry, and lint free cloth. Be careful not to touch the black transfer roller and black transfer belt during the cleaning process.

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