Wednesday, December 9, 2015

Toner Spot Now Accepts Amazon Payments

We are very excited to introduce Amazon Payments as an additional payment option for as an added measure of security and convenience for our customer. Amazon Payments is an electronic payment service that allows customers to pay for purchases at Toner Spot by using their account. Amazon customers simply store their credit card and shipping information in their Amazon Payments account and then can checkout without having to enter payment information again at check out.

There are several benefits to choose to pay with Amazon Payments if you are already an customer:

·      Fast and more convenient checkout: by integrating with one-click check out technology, you can simply select the information you stored with without having to re-enter the shipping or billing address at the checkout page.

·      Added security: by using Amazon Payments, you do not have to provide additional credit card information to our website. We will not see any information that you have stored on your Amazon account other than the shipping address that you want the items to be sent to.

·      Amazon A-Z Guarantee: Amazon provides their famous A-Z purchase guarantee to any purchases made with Amazon Payments at no additional cost. This one, in addition to our warranties, you will receive additional assurance from Amazon that your purchase is secure and you will receive what you paid for.

Amazon Payment Instruction

We did our best in trying to integrate Amazon Payments into our system as seamless as possible while also tried to make the usage simple and intuitive.

1. Once you have selected what you wanted to purchase, you will be taken to a one page check-out page.

2. On the bottom right of the page, instead of inputting your information, you can simply select the icon for “Pay with Amazon” on the bottom right hand corner as indicated from the picture below.

3. A prompt window will pop up and ask you to input your Amazon account log-in and password. Simply log into your Amazon account on the pop-up window as you normally would when making a purchase from Amazon.

4. You will be taken to a confirmation page where a list of shipping addresses that you previously store on Amazon will show on the top right hand side and you can simply select the desired shipping address for your purchase to be delivered.

5. After you confirm the shipping address, select the desired shipping service (free shipping, regular shipping, or expedited shipping), a total amount will be calculated.

6. On the bottom of the same page, you can choose which account you would like this order to be charged to. Please keep in mind that we will not see your billing address or your credit information.

7. Select “Place Order” and your order will be processed quickly and securely with all your billing information invisible to our system.

Amazon Payments is one more way that our family here at Toner Spot put in place to insure our customers have excellent experiences when purchasing from us at We promise quick delivery, reliable products, and highest level of customer service. We hope you will feel secure and comfortable when purchasing from our family.

Please pay us a visit at and please keep in mind that we currently have a promotion for 10% off of your entire purchase and free shipping over $75. Please use the coupon code SAVE10 at checkout to receive the discount offer.

Please also feel free to contact us at if you have any questions or if we can be of any assistance.

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