Tuesday, July 19, 2016

Brother DR720 Reset Instructions

Do not panic when the printer does not recognize a newly installed DR720 drum cartridge. The drum unit might be in perfectly working condition and all you will need to do is to tell your printer that you have replaced a new drum. Here is the step-by-step instruction on how to manually reset the printer to accept the drum unit:

1. Keep the printer power on and open the front cover. Leave the cover open during the process
2. Press the “Clear” button
3. Press “1” to confirm that you’re installing a new drum unit
4. Close the front cover when the LCD displays “Accepted”
5. Turn the printer off and wait for couple minutes
6. Turn the printer on again and the machine should clear the recognition error and ready to use

If operating from a touch screen printer:

1. Press “Stop/Exit” to interrupt the error message
2. Press “Menu”
3. Press “Up” or “Down” arrow key to display Machine Info
4. Press “Machine Info”
5. Press “Reset Menu”
6. Press “Drum”
7. Press “Yes” when the machine displays “Reset Drum?” then press “Stop/Exit” again to complete the resetting process

These steps are pretty straightforward and easy to operate. If the above steps failed to work, check with your drum suppliers and see if the cartridge is defective and needs to be exchanged.

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This drum unit can last up to 30,000 page yield at 5% coverage and is compatible with the following printer models: