Tuesday, October 24, 2017

General Troubleshooting: Color Laser Printer Transfer Belt Cleaning

Before talking about cleaning the transfer belt for color laser printer in general, first let’s figure out what exactly a transfer belt is.

Not all color printers come with a transfer belt, but some popular models, such as Brother HL-3040CN, Canon Color ImageClass LBP612CDW, HP Color LaserJet CM6030MFP, are equipped with it. Simply speaking, it’s a rotating belt carrying different color particles. Usually for printers that only come with black, cyan, magenta, and yellow toners, the color prints directly onto the printing media. If a transfer belt is involved, these colors will precisely apply to the transfer belt first before going onto the printing media. Basically, the use of transfer belt can further ensures the accuracy of colors registering onto the printing media.

Cleaning the transfer belt is not required, sometimes you can simply swap out the unit after certain usage. However, properly cleaning the transfer belt can help prolong the life of the unit and also maintain the print quality.

Users can clean the transfer belt by performing a cleaning cycle with softwares provided by the printer manufacturers. First, download the latest driver and utilities for your printer model over the internet or by inserting the disc that came with the printer to run the set up.

After installation, try to search for terms such as “maintenance” and “laser printer cleaning cycle.” Specific instructions for transfer belt maintenance should be found in those two sections. Follow the steps and make sure to completely restart the printer once done.

You can also manually clean the transfer belt if you are pretty familiar with the machine to prevent any possible physical damage.

Turn off the printer and unplug the power cord before removing the transfer belt. Please note that the transfer belt can be light sensitive so do not expose the unit under brightly lit areas. In addition, you might have to remove the toners first for certain printer models.

Gently wipe the transfer belt with dry linen free cloth and clean the printer by using a blower to remove any excess toner. Re-install the transfer belt, turn the printer back on, and run a test print to make sure the prints come out clean and clear.

These are general instructions on how to clean the transfer belt. You can also refer to your printer manual for a more specific instruction on how to maintain the unit.

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